Adventures in the Upper Peninsula (Part Two)

Part One // Part Three

Day One Recap: Lots of rain, lots of crankiness, and the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had. (Read Part One for the whole story.)

Day Two, Friday, 14 July 2017: We got up bright and early to go to the park office, claimed a “first come, first served” spot that we could keep for the rest of our stay, and proceeded to move our stuff. It sounds like a huge hassle (taking down the damp tent, packing it all into the car, unpacking it, and reassembling the still-damp tent on a new site a mile away), but it really wasn’t that bad. We had it all figured out by 10 am (ish).

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Adventures in The Upper Peninsula (Part One)

Part Two // Part Three

Jonny and I live in the southeast section of Michigan — driving distance to Detroit, Port Huron, 7+ malls, multiple beaches, 10+ supermarkets, and approximately 8,000 fast food establishments. We’re used to accessing everything (except for healthcare, immigration information, and Raising Cane’s) with relative ease. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is over 300 miles north, across a 5-mile bridge, and lacking easy access to everything. It’s beautiful, it’s bizarre, and it’s the closest to being Bear Grylls I’ve ever felt.

For my 25th birthday, I decided to take us camping in the U.P. for a change of pace, some quality time, and new sights. Though I was born and raised in Michigan, I’d never been to the U.P. Jonny, who has only lived in the States for 10 months, obviously hadn’t been either. (I should also point out here that Jonny does not like camping.)

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