Hiya, I’m Kaiya.

Let’s talk about the things I’m afraid of:

  • Spiders. Who isn’t? They’ve always freaked me out. The bigger, the scarier. But I’m getting better in this area. There’s a massive one living on the sliding glass doors to my apartment’s patio. My partner and I have named her Lady. (Well, we named her Lady in my dream, but I don’t think that conversation actually took place.) Lady minds her web in the upper left corner and keeps it clean, sleeps through the scorching daylight and comes out as the sun is setting over the pond.
  • The Unknown. Again, who isn’t? Not knowing how something will end or where something will go or what someone will say — terrifying. I over-analyze my every action and word before proceeding, constantly worried I’ll cross a line or not explain myself correctly. Because I am also afraid of…

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