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Kristina Cohen & Our Roles as Spectators

I don’t usually post twice in a day, but I’m incensed. So, here we go.

TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNINGS: rape, sexual assault/abuse, gaslighting, and rape culture; cancer is mentioned in the first link

Dear Spectators,

This age we live in allows for news to travel with the click of a button. This quick sharing means that the distance from a big celebrity to me isn’t that great. We’re almost live-streaming scandal at this point. Social media, digital news outlets, “outing”, and endless feminist struggles paved the way for Weinstein to finally be brought down. (Not that his downfall is complete.) And now, other sexual predators are toppling.

Yesterday, yet another rapist was outed. In case you missed it, Kristina Cohen accused Ed Westwick of raping her three years ago. As soon as the post and following articles popped up, the onslaught of total bullshit began: “Why didn’t she speak out sooner?” and “She’s making it up for money” and “[crying emoji] [heartbreak emoji]” and “Not Chuck Bass!!1!” If people weren’t tearing down Cohen, they were crying about Westwick.

I’m not going to get into blaming survivors for not speaking out or why survivors don’t give a shit about their abusers’ money. If you think rape survivors would, after years of gaslighting and trauma, finally speak out about their abuse just for money or attention — get the hell away from me and do some reading. (And don’t @ me with “It’s happened before!!” because, yeah Chadbro Liteβ„’, I get that. There are over 7 billion people on the planet. All outcomes are possible. The likelihood that someone is lying about this? Slim.)

What I do want to talk to you about, fellow spectator, is mourning the rapist.

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