Autumn/Winter Capsule, Fashion

The Wardrobe Purge Continues

Saturday’s Wardrobe Purge went pretty well! To show for it, I have a large garbage bag of clothing to donate, a suitcase half-full of spring/summer attire (clothing, shoes, and my one swimsuit) packed into the hall closet, and much more space on my side of our bedroom’s closet. Also, I was able to get rid of a tall “chest” of drawers (one of those plastic ones that every college student and recent graduate uses because we’re broke), which has made our bedroom look much neater/more adult.

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Autumn/Winter Capsule, Fashion

The Wardrobe Purge Begins

Guys. I’m going to do it. This season, I am finally going to tackle my wardrobe and limit myself to how much crap I buy. I don’t know that I’ll accomplish becoming a minimalist, but I am certainly going to make an effort. (She says after her three new tops arrived in the post yesterday…)


  • I’m not a fashion blogger; I’m a mess. I have too much shit. I think it’s because my style fluctuates so much — between seasons, between moods. I have too many random pieces that I buy because “It’s so pretty!” or “If I also buy items x, y, and z I can wear this!”
  • This is an experiment. It might not go well. Jump aboard for the ride and see what happens.

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Product Reviews

Peace Talisman from Gypsy and The Hatter

This Peace Talisman from Gypsy and The Hatter is gorgeous! It is one of three available from the mother and son shop based in Ohio. The other two, Love and Growth, are not yet part of my collection. The Peace Talisman is meant to bring calmness and serenity with its lavender, amethyst, and silver leaf. Its four even sides represent the elements, the seasons, and the cardinal directions, bringing wholeness and balance.

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