Welcome to My Blog

In attempts to be casual and “myself”, I’ve spiraled into overthinking. This has always been my problem, especially when it comes to writing. I want everything to have meaning and be perfect — word choices and compositions, context, subtext, titles. Titles are the worst. How do you sum up everything you want to accomplish or convey in a few words? The addition of a tagline is helpful. Title too ambiguous? Add a witty line of text beneath it to make the wordplay in your title make sense.

I’m trying to name my blog.

I picked the URL because I want this blog to be associated with who I am, what I think, and the words I choose to share. The URL is intentional. (The URL is also what I use for everything personal because I have a lot of feelings about my name: social media, email, usernames for whatever random websites.) But what about the title? It feels like, instead of titling my novel or poem, I’m titling my life or my presence. And that feels substantial. Final. (Which we know scares the shit out of me.)

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