Review Policy & Stars

Policy: All reviews are my own. I do accept review requests in exchange for a copy of the book; my reviews of gifted books are still my own and are not influenced by the author personally. I can be contacted via email at (I also have a NetGalley account.) I reserve the right to decline an offer or a request; I will always let you know via email. If providing an ARC, I will let you know if I can review before your book’s release date; we’ll work together on timing, and I will commit to the date we decide upon.

  • Format Preferences: physical, digital (no audiobooks at this time)
  • Genre Preferences: romance, fantasy, contemporary, poetry, young adult, new adult, adult (if the genre isn’t listed, feel free to email me to ask!)

If requesting a review, please email me with your book’s title, genre(s), synopsis, and release date (if upcoming). Please disclose any trigger warnings, including: past mentions or depictions of rape, physical abuse, suicide, death, animal/child abuse or death; these things will not automatically warrant a rejection, but I like to know what I’m getting into.

Professional Reader

Ratings: I review based on a 5-star rating system. I do not currently use half-stars. A breakdown of what I consider while rating a book is below:

  • 5 Stars: Loved it. I’ll be thinking about it later, recommending it at every opportunity. There may be a few little flaws here and there, but nothing glaring. (Little flaws would include things like grammar mistakes, some stilted dialogue, etc.)
  • 4 Stars: Loved it, but there are some larger issues. I try to be a critical reader, so things like lack of representation and diversity are things I can’t let go. 
Other larger issues include misrepresentation, poor treatment of marginalized characters, etc. (There are books that I’ve really enjoyed/couldn’t put down/have raved about… but I wouldn’t give them 5 stars just because I got sucked in; I think it’s important to be critical, even of the things we love.)
  • 3 Stars: Liked it/it was good, but it isn’t one that I’ll be thinking about later.
 Probably a book that I would only recommend to readers interested in specific topics. May or may not have larger issues.
  • 2 Stars: Didn’t really like it, but I finished it. There were probably some big issues (sexist behavior from a main character passed off as “charming possessiveness”, infallible protagonists, etc.). Not a book I would recommend.
  • 1 Star: Did not finish. Though I may not write a full review, I will write something to let you/others know why I didn’t finish it. (If I like a book but put it down due to time restrictions, I won’t rate it until I’ve finished.)