Dirty Chai Lattes

As I start this draft, I’m left with hardly three mouthfuls of my dirty iced chai latte remains from 8.5 hours ago. It’s more water than anything, room temperature, and not actually worth drinking at this point. But I want to tell you about what this spicy drink did to me.

Content Warning: high levels of basic-ness, nostalgia, some mental health, underage smoking + cigarettes

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Reading, Reviews

Book Review: Leaving Kate by JD Corbett

Leaving Kate by JD Corbett
Published by Books To Go Now

★ (1/5 stars)

The one spoiler is clearly indicated.

I was fortunate to receive a PDF copy of Leaving Kate from the author herself, JD Corbett, in exchange for an honest review. That said, the following review is my own.

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Tuesday: Notes for Followers, Weekly Goodies

100 Notes for 100 Followers Update + To Rachel

Just a quick update to let you all know I’m working on your letters! 🙂 To avoid spamming everyone every day, I will be posting letters on Tuesdays around 10 am (EST). (Tuesdays are the most boring days, so I’m hoping to brighten them for you all. <3) This will be the first time I implement a weekly post schedule, but I’m excited! Please note that sign-ups/requests are now closed! (But I may do something similar for the holiday season, so stay tuned! 🎁)

19 September – Rachel
26 September – AfroIrish
3 October – Cindy
10 October – Shaz
17 October – Grace
24 October – Jules
31 October – Rachel (Shed52)
7 November – Little Lion

First up: Rachel! Rachel, thank you for being the first to request a letter from me! It means you’re the first to be subjected to my inconsistent handwriting and mediocre doodles. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

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Mental Health

The Cycle of Anxiety and Depression

“Are you afraid of anxiety and depression?”

Jonny and I are sitting at our dining room table (read: our card table, decorated with a pretty white and turquoise tablecloth, located in the section of apartment designated the dining room despite its lack of room-indicating walls). We’re talking over empty plates, too full to move from the fold-able chairs to comfortable seats.

Content Warning: anxiety, depression, overcompensation

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100 Notes for 100 Followers!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re probably following me somewhere — WordPress, Twitter, or Instagram — and have therefore seen this post pop up, so thank you. I have now reached 100 followers on the blog! That’s amazing! Every single one of you is incredible and precious to me.

When I first started my blog, Shaz was one of the first people I found. She was funny, honest, and welcoming — perfect for a newbie blogger. I followed her because she seemed kind and because I liked her Letters to My Readers series. (So much so that I asked for one of my own, and she wrote to me!)

To celebrate your excellence and my milestone, I would like to take Shaz’s series and do something similar: I want to hand write notes to all of you!

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Autumn/Winter Capsule, Fashion

The Wardrobe Purge Continues

Saturday’s Wardrobe Purge went pretty well! To show for it, I have a large garbage bag of clothing to donate, a suitcase half-full of spring/summer attire (clothing, shoes, and my one swimsuit) packed into the hall closet, and much more space on my side of our bedroom’s closet. Also, I was able to get rid of a tall “chest” of drawers (one of those plastic ones that every college student and recent graduate uses because we’re broke), which has made our bedroom look much neater/more adult.

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Liebster Award!

Guys, I’ve been nominated for another award! I am so touched and honored. I haven’t reached two whole months of blogging just yet, but here I am with award #2! I’m feeling #blessed and full to bursting with love. 🙂 ❤ x

Thank you again to Afiyah over at WhenLifeAwakens for nominating me (2 weeks ago…), this time for the Liebster Award! Afiyah posts all about being successful: in blogging, university, traveling, and life. One of her recent post is about Canva, a hella useful tool for bloggers new to graphic design. My favorites are her #BEABOSS posts, as they’re inspirational and informative. You should all check her out! Her blog is a gem.

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Autumn/Winter Capsule, Fashion

The Wardrobe Purge Begins

Guys. I’m going to do it. This season, I am finally going to tackle my wardrobe and limit myself to how much crap I buy. I don’t know that I’ll accomplish becoming a minimalist, but I am certainly going to make an effort. (She says after her three new tops arrived in the post yesterday…)


  • I’m not a fashion blogger; I’m a mess. I have too much shit. I think it’s because my style fluctuates so much — between seasons, between moods. I have too many random pieces that I buy because “It’s so pretty!” or “If I also buy items x, y, and z I can wear this!”
  • This is an experiment. It might not go well. Jump aboard for the ride and see what happens.

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Autumn Bucket List

Happy September! Autumn is basically here! To celebrate and prepare — and following my August in Retrospect post — I present… my autumn bucket list. Below are a bunch of things I want to do, try, or see before winter comes and warm colors turn to cool blues (or, more specifically, by the end of October).

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Happy Monthiversary, AQN!

I started this blog, Adventures on Quiet Nights, one month (and three days) ago! Woo! (This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity and socializing, so I hardly looked at the internet, much less sat down to write. So! Let’s celebrate now. Better late than never.)

I think we’ve come a long way. Here are my current stats:

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