Product Reviews

Peace Talisman from Gypsy and The Hatter

This Peace Talisman from Gypsy and The Hatter is gorgeous! It is one of three available from the mother and son shop based in Ohio. The other two, Love and Growth, are not yet part of my collection. The Peace Talisman is meant to bring calmness and serenity with its lavender, amethyst, and silver leaf. Its four even sides represent the elements, the seasons, and the cardinal directions, bringing wholeness and balance.

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Mental Health

Depression, Anxiety, and Handling Both

Before I get into this, please note that I am not a medical professional. My thoughts and advice come from my experiences, careful internet research, and discussions with others also suffering from/coping with anxiety and depression. This post will probably be the first of many on the subject of mental health.

I would first like to say some things that I see around a lot but cannot reiterate enough:

  • You are not alone. Many people suffer from mental health issues, and it’s okay. There are people out there who can/will/want to help you get through this. There are people out there who will listen to you, give you advice, and try to be there for you in whatever capacity you need them to.
  • There are people out there who are assholes. They’ll tell you that taking medicine makes you weak, that you’re not great to be around because you’re sad all the time; they’ll make you feel like a burden for needing help. They are wrong. Do not listen to them. (The voice at the back of your mind that says those things? Don’t listen to it, either.)
  • Your feelings (or lack of feelings if you happen to go through stages of apathy, a common sign/symptom of depression) are valid and important.
  • MEDICATIONS ARE NORMAL. GOOD. HELPFUL. NECESSARY. Having a headache? Take a painkiller. Sinus infection? Antibiotics. Feeling anxious? Take your meds. Depressed? Meds. Some people don’t need medications. Some people can get by on nature walks and spa days. Good for them. Sincerely. If you’re not one of those people, that’s okay.

I seem to see those points being made all over the internet. I scroll through Facebook a few times a day and see at least three text images with encouraging words to break the stigma around mental health. However, I rarely see the following “handy things to know” for people who are new to dealing with their poor mental health. So, I have some points to add to the discussion/awareness:

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Welcome to My Blog

In attempts to be casual and “myself”, I’ve spiraled into overthinking. This has always been my problem, especially when it comes to writing. I want everything to have meaning and be perfect — word choices and compositions, context, subtext, titles. Titles are the worst. How do you sum up everything you want to accomplish or convey in a few words? The addition of a tagline is helpful. Title too ambiguous? Add a witty line of text beneath it to make the wordplay in your title make sense.

I’m trying to name my blog.

I picked the URL because I want this blog to be associated with who I am, what I think, and the words I choose to share. The URL is intentional. (The URL is also what I use for everything personal because I have a lot of feelings about my name: social media, email, usernames for whatever random websites.) But what about the title? It feels like, instead of titling my novel or poem, I’m titling my life or my presence. And that feels substantial. Final. (Which we know scares the shit out of me.)

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Hiya, I’m Kaiya.

Let’s talk about the things I’m afraid of:

  • Spiders. Who isn’t? They’ve always freaked me out. The bigger, the scarier. But I’m getting better in this area. There’s a massive one living on the sliding glass doors to my apartment’s patio. My partner and I have named her Lady. (Well, we named her Lady in my dream, but I don’t think that conversation actually took place.) Lady minds her web in the upper left corner and keeps it clean, sleeps through the scorching daylight and comes out as the sun is setting over the pond.
  • The Unknown. Again, who isn’t? Not knowing how something will end or where something will go or what someone will say — terrifying. I over-analyze my every action and word before proceeding, constantly worried I’ll cross a line or not explain myself correctly. Because I am also afraid of…

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