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November in Retrospect

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hello? it’s me.

Happy December!

Last time we talked, I was avoiding social media and wallowing in the shallow darkness of my near-depressed mind. Things weren’t awful but they weren’t great. I existed in a fog of “Everything is happening, and I am exhausted”.

Since then, we’ve had Thanksgiving (and Black Friday and Cyber Monday and a sudden influx of green and red decor) here in the States. I had 5.5 days off of work, away from the internet, and hidden from people. It was fucking fabulous.

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Checking In While I’m Checked Out

Hey, friends!

The past few weeks have been hard. Between the encroaching holidays, work picking up, starting birth control, and Depression kicking in my front door — I’m exhausted. The sort of exhaustion that’s like: I didn’t get much sleep last night. Or the night before. Or the past six weeks…but at the same time, I’ve done nothing but lay around.

This whole month of November has been so frustrating. I had loads of ideas for blog posts for this month and to schedule for Blogmas, there were outdoorsy things I wanted to do before it got too cold, it’s NaNoWriMo and I haven’t written one single word that hasn’t been a tweet, Instagram caption, or comment somewhere. So many things I wanted to do, so little inspiration.

For the first couple of weeks, I think I spent any and all free time mindlessly scrolling through social media, which obviously did not help my mind. So, for the past week, I’ve tried to stay away from it (Facebook and Twitter, primarily). I’ve spent more time on Pinterest and Instagram, soaking in inspiration and creativity while not having the motivation to execute any ideas. Then, finally, I started reading again on Thursday. I picked up a book and could finally connect with it, get lost in it. I read another book on Saturday. I’ll start another one today if I get a free minute at work.

And here I am, November 20th, writing a rambly blog post for the sake of publishing something and reaching out to you all, and proving to myself that the words are still there somewhere. I still have loads of posts to write and publish/schedule, so look forward to those. (Sneak peak? Book reviews, our weekend trip to Knoxville, holiday goodness, and a sappy “How We Met” story since Jonny and I just celebrated our first year of marriage!) 🙂

Most of the people I’ve talked to in the ~Real World~ have mentioned how slowly their days are going, their low energy, and their desire for the year to just be over–but also their excitement for cozying up and celebrating holidays. Lots of ups and downs happening, I feel. What have you all been up to the past few weeks? I’ve been keeping up on blog posts (I think), but how have you been? What’s new?

We’ll be back to regularly scheduled programing soon.

~ Kaiya

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Kristina Cohen & Our Roles as Spectators

I don’t usually post twice in a day, but I’m incensed. So, here we go.

TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNINGS: rape, sexual assault/abuse, gaslighting, and rape culture; cancer is mentioned in the first link

Dear Spectators,

This age we live in allows for news to travel with the click of a button. This quick sharing means that the distance from a big celebrity to me isn’t that great. We’re almost live-streaming scandal at this point. Social media, digital news outlets, “outing”, and endless feminist struggles paved the way for Weinstein to finally be brought down. (Not that his downfall is complete.) And now, other sexual predators are toppling.

Yesterday, yet another rapist was outed. In case you missed it, Kristina Cohen accused Ed Westwick of raping her three years ago. As soon as the post and following articles popped up, the onslaught of total bullshit began: “Why didn’t she speak out sooner?” and “She’s making it up for money” and “[crying emoji] [heartbreak emoji]” and “Not Chuck Bass!!1!” If people weren’t tearing down Cohen, they were crying about Westwick.

I’m not going to get into blaming survivors for not speaking out or why survivors don’t give a shit about their abusers’ money. If you think rape survivors would, after years of gaslighting and trauma, finally speak out about their abuse just for money or attention — get the hell away from me and do some reading. (And don’t @ me with “It’s happened before!!” because, yeah Chadbro Lite, I get that. There are over 7 billion people on the planet. All outcomes are possible. The likelihood that someone is lying about this? Slim.)

What I do want to talk to you about, fellow spectator, is mourning the rapist.

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October in Retrospect

*blinks furiously at the passing of time* I just wrote September in Retrospect. How did this happen.

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For all of the things I wanted to do this month (from carving pumpkins to getting started on my Christmas shopping to surpassing 200 blog followers), October was so not productive. But that’s okay! It was still a mostly great month.


  • Read a few books
  • Went to a kids’ Halloween party
  • Saw Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood live
  • Raised over $400 for Puerto Rico
  • Went for a 6-mile walk
  • (Not great, but…) my great gramps passed away

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3 Podcasts to Spookify Your Halloween

Do you like podcasts? Do you like Halloween? (Of course you do.) Well, I’ve been trying out Halloween-y podcasts so you don’t have to! As the second part of my two-part Spookify Your Halloween series, here are three of my favorite podcast channels for the season, as well as a summary for each. (Please note that content warnings for all include: death/murder of people of all ages.)

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The Harry Potter Tag (aka The Best Tag)

Huge thanks to Sofia for tagging me in the best possible survey tag thing (forever ago, yikes!). Harry Potter is my absolute favorite series, fandom, and lifestyle (I went there), so there’s nothing I like more than talking about it. Prepare for some light ramblings.

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RULES: Answer a bunch of Harry Potter-themed questions, then tag some other people to do the same. Simple. Let’s get to it. ⚡

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5 Murder Mysteries to Spookify Your Halloween

It’s October, and I haven’t posted anything about Halloween! It has always been my favorite holiday. I love dressing up, eating candy, and all of the decorations! I’m not a huge fan of horror films, but I enjoy a good haunted house (if I’m paying like $30 to walk through a warehouse, though, I better die from fear) and some murder-mysteries.

Inspired by Rachel’s post about the murder of JonBenét, here are five interesting murder mysteries that I’ve found on Wikipedia recently. (One thing turns into another, you know, and then you’re down a rabbit hole of weird shit on the world’s free encyclopedia.) I have listed content warnings and given a brief summary for each.

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Lifestyle, Tuesday: Notes for Followers, Weekly Goodies

A Brief Note

Hi all,

Today’s Note for a Follower will be late because I’ve only just realized it’s Tuesday.

The past six days included: my aunt’s birthday, my great grandfather falling, doctor appointments, doing lunch and a movie with my mother for her birthday, my great grandfather passing away, a viewing, a funeral, a lot of time with distant family members, and all of the emotional labor that goes into the aforementioned. I’m processing, trying to write, and catching up at my day job since I’ve been out.

That said, the updated schedule is as follows, one change in bold:

19 September – Racheldone
26 September – AfroIrish done
3 October – Cindy – done
10 October – Shazdone
17 20 October – Grace
24 October – Jules
31 October – Rachel (Shed52)
7 November – Little Lion

I apologize for the last minute change in schedule and wish you all the best.

Kaiya ❤

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September in Retrospect

Happy October! [insert shock and awe that September flew by — right into the sun, judging by how freakin hot it was all month] September had some pretty steep highs and lows, but the best month of the year is finally here! Fingers crossed the weather calms down that way we can get to cozy clothes and comfort foods.


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Dirty Chai Lattes

As I start this draft, I’m left with hardly three mouthfuls of my dirty iced chai latte remains from 8.5 hours ago. It’s more water than anything, room temperature, and not actually worth drinking at this point. But I want to tell you about what this spicy drink did to me.

Content Warning: high levels of basic-ness, nostalgia, some mental health, underage smoking + cigarettes

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