Autumn/Winter Capsule, Fashion

The Wardrobe Purge Continues

Saturday’s Wardrobe Purge went pretty well! To show for it, I have a large garbage bag of clothing to donate, a suitcase half-full of spring/summer attire (clothing, shoes, and my one swimsuit) packed into the hall closet, and much more space on my side of our bedroom’s closet. Also, I was able to get rid of a tall “chest” of drawers (one of those plastic ones that every college student and recent graduate uses because we’re broke), which has made our bedroom look much neater/more adult.

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Autumn/Winter Capsule, Fashion

The Wardrobe Purge Begins

Guys. I’m going to do it. This season, I am finally going to tackle my wardrobe and limit myself to how much crap I buy. I don’t know that I’ll accomplish becoming a minimalist, but I am certainly going to make an effort. (She says after her three new tops arrived in the post yesterday…)


  • I’m not a fashion blogger; I’m a mess. I have too much shit. I think it’s because my style fluctuates so much — between seasons, between moods. I have too many random pieces that I buy because “It’s so pretty!” or “If I also buy items x, y, and z I can wear this!”
  • This is an experiment. It might not go well. Jump aboard for the ride and see what happens.

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