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(Writing an actual “about” page is one of those things that will forever be so daunting…)

KK Bliss
This is the look of pure bliss, y’all. Happy autumn!

Hiya, I’m Kaiya! (It rhymes!) Welcome to Adventures on Quiet Nights.

AQN is a blog about life — the big things and all the little stuff in between. While new to WordPress, I have been living on the internet since I was in the single digits of adolescence. I’ve had multiple (disorganized) blogs in the past, starting first on Xanga and LiveJournal, and eventually moving to Tumblr where random rambles turned into constant reblogs. Tired of the reblog culture, I’ve moved to WordPress to create my own content: book reviews, discussions about mental health, travel insights, and the occasional stab at product reviews.

More about me: I’m twenty-five and living in Michigan with my partner, Jonny. We have a cat named Ella and a frog named Alfred. We were in a long distance relationship for the better part of four years, and we’ve just finished going through visa processes (for now). I openly deal with anxiety and depression; talk to me about it. My day job is in an advertising agency, and I spend over two hours commuting every weekday. I’ve been writing (poetry and prose) for over fifteen years.

A few of my favorite things: chai lattes, the Harry Potter series, animal videos, babies, anything light blue/green, rose gold, used books, independent book stores, flowers, stationery, greeting cards, graphic design and typography, summer storms, cinnamon everything, lavender everything, sunbathing, words that move me to tears

To contact me, please email kaiyaknox@gmail.com; or find me on Twitter or Instagram.

Kaiya x