Tuesday: Notes for Followers, Weekly Goodies

To Rachel (Shed 52)

Happy Tuesday and Happy Halloween! This week’s note goes to Rachel over at Shed 52. Rachel, we miss you! Come update us on your life and your project.

As a reminder, here is the schedule for 100 Notes for 100 Followers:

19 September – Racheldone
26 September – AfroIrish done
3 October – Cindy – done
10 October – Shazdone
17 20 October – Gracedone
24 October – Julesdone
31 October – Rachel (Shed52) – done
7 November – Little Lion

Rachel52 Header

Two pages from a Moleskine journal, letter is in black pen. Doodles include one shed with a tiled roof, a door, a window, and “52” illuminated by a lamp; a heart, a lightning bolt, and the deathly hallows symbol from Harry Potter. The letter reads:

Hey Rachel,

Happy Halloween, Rachel!

Where you at? Whatcha been up to? We haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope everything’s alright and that you’re making progress with your Shed 52 project. It’s an admirable, inspiring effort.

What are you guys doing for Halloween tonight? Jonny will be at work this evening, so I’ll be passing out candy at my granny’s house. It will be my first time handing out candy — it feels very adult. Jonny and I dressed as Harry [Potter] and Hermione [Granger] for my youngest brother’s school party on Friday. It was fun. 🙂 (We got teased by our Slytherin waitress at dinner afterward, haha.)

I hope your life has been pleasantly busy and fulfilling. Come update us soon! Take care, Rachel. Say hello to Jason.

❤ Kaiya

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