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A Brief Note

Hi all,

Today’s Note for a Follower will be late because I’ve only just realized it’s Tuesday.

The past six days included: my aunt’s birthday, my great grandfather falling, doctor appointments, doing lunch and a movie with my mother for her birthday, my great grandfather passing away, a viewing, a funeral, a lot of time with distant family members, and all of the emotional labor that goes into the aforementioned. I’m processing, trying to write, and catching up at my day job since I’ve been out.

That said, the updated schedule is as follows, one change in bold:

19 September – Racheldone
26 September – AfroIrish done
3 October – Cindy – done
10 October – Shazdone
17 20 October – Grace
24 October – Jules
31 October – Rachel (Shed52)
7 November – Little Lion

I apologize for the last minute change in schedule and wish you all the best.

Kaiya ❤

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