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The Wardrobe Purge Begins

Guys. I’m going to do it. This season, I am finally going to tackle my wardrobe and limit myself to how much crap I buy. I don’t know that I’ll accomplish becoming a minimalist, but I am certainly going to make an effort. (She says after her three new tops arrived in the post yesterday…)


  • I’m not a fashion blogger; I’m a mess. I have too much shit. I think it’s because my style fluctuates so much — between seasons, between moods. I have too many random pieces that I buy because “It’s so pretty!” or “If I also buy items x, y, and z I can wear this!”
  • This is an experiment. It might not go well. Jump aboard for the ride and see what happens.

Minimalizing My Wardrobe

Now that I work a Regular Office Job, my style has started become a bit more consistent (thank god). So, I’m going to commit. I’m going to make hard decisions. Here are the steps I’ve come up with toward actually wearing what I like and not spending all of my money:

  1. Separate spring/summer items and put them into storage. Get rid of things you know you won’t wear next year, but don’t worry about making that decision for every item. Just pack it away. We’ll do this again for the warmer months.
  2. Get rid of all of the autumn/winter items that are left that you won’t wear. Split things up between BIN, DONATE, and PONDER. “Ponder” is for anything you’re not sure about, the stuff that you’ve worn a couple of times and may/may not wear again.
  3. Make a digital list of every item you’re keeping. Use sections like TOPS, JACKETS, DRESSES, etc. Have a separate section for PONDERING, and list all of those items you’re keeping and unsure of. Have another for WISHLIST, and list things that you’d like to add to your wardrobe (i.e. “black tights” or “fancy New Year’s Eve dress”).
  4. Come up with outfit combinations, write them down in a separate document. Take photos of yourself in them, or just take flat lay photos of them for inspiration. This will help you remember those outfit ideas later, when you’re bored with your wardrobe and want to drop $150 on a Madewell sale.
  5. As you wear your “new” wardrobe, keep notes of what you like and what you don’t. Move “pondering” items to their appropriate sections (i.e. TOPS or PANTS) if/when you wear them; get rid of them if you decide you’re done with them. Try to take photos regularly, even if they’re crappy and no one looks at them but you.

I’m posting this and getting started. As you read this, I am going through my stuff. IT’S HAPPENING. I’m excited. And scared. Spending money is particularly hard to avoid in autumn/winter because I love A/W fashion. All of the layerable items! The boots!

But I’m focusing my wardrobe on things that fit well, things I actually wear, and versatility. So far, I have narrowed the items I am keeping to: 1 pair of black jeans, 1 pair of black trousers, 1 pair of lightwash jeans, 6 Portofino shirts (my favorites!), and 4 cardigans. I still have loads to go through, though, so I’ll deliver the final count once I wade through it all.

(I sent the list portion of this post to Jonny, and his response was, “My lord. That’s very organized.” Even reading his words over Messenger, I could hear the tones: surprised, uncertain. I’ll admit I faltered a little. Am I being overly organized, anal? I pulled up my metaphorical big girl pants, tied my hair out of my face, and decided Nah. I’m gonna do it.)

I can do this. Stay tuned.

Kaiya x

P.S. Send me tips on minimal wardrobes and minimizing your life! I feel cluttered everywhere, so my wardrobe is just the start. Have you done a wardrobe haul-out? How do you keep from buying one-off pieces that catch your eye?

13 thoughts on “The Wardrobe Purge Begins”

  1. Well done, you! I’m loving watching your progress, Kaiya. My wardrobe’s pretty small, manageable, and convenient now because of determined efforts over the last 3 years like this one – hang in there! It gets better. 😀 Sooo many bags from the seemingly-bottomless closet (TARDIS in disguise, I think) got happily thrifted. No regrets.
    Tips: First I kept only (mostly) things that sparked joy (thank you, Marie Kondo). Then, the most helpful thing was discovering energy typing. I highly recommend popping over to to check it out. I’ve been doing this for about a year now and it’s made a positive difference in every part of my life, including knowing the clothing colors and styles that best support me.
    Got another (probably not the last …) bunch going out to Goodwill or consignment this week, and I love 98-99% of the things that are left. All both of them.
    (kidding, there’s more than 2)

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    1. Thank you, Niysely! 🙂 x I’m relieved it gets better! It was a nightmare to start, but I’m glad the initial haul-out is done. It feels good to have fewer options (and all options that I actually like!).

      Marie Kondo is an inspiration! The little bits I’ve read about her methods have really shaped how I view things, which helped with the haul-out. I’m going to check out energy typing! It sounds really interesting! 🙂 Narrowing down what I wear to a style would be immensely helpful, haha.

      I’m glad to know that doing this isn’t a waste of time. (I mean, I know I’ve seen people on the internet like living minimally, but seeing it in direct conversation is more motivating.)

      ❤ x


  2. This is amazing, good on you! I have recently cleared some bits and pieces out of my wardrobe and sold the stuff on eBay! Lots of other stuff to donate though. Hopefully moving out soon so need to get prepared and not take all my clutter with me! Xx

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    1. Thanks! I wish I had the patience to sell my stuff, but I’ve found a great place to donate it all to instead. 😊 Good luck with your move! Decluttering first is a super good idea! xx


  3. “I’m not a fashion blogger. I’m a mess.” Hahaha this is hardly true about you but I love that line! I feel the same way about myself… not just with fashion, but in every way! Lol 🙂 Love this post… very Shed52 of you!

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    1. You guys inspired me! But I have issues with sticking with things, so spreading out my overhaul through the year was definitely not going to work for me. 😂 Thank you for reading. ❤


  4. Girl, I feel your pain! I went through my closet a couple months ago (admittedly not as in-depth as you’re going through yours) and it just about killed me. I had neglected it for so long that it was just awful. I literally still had old clothes from my 6th grade year, and I’m a senior now…like why?? But anyways, good luck on your closet! It feels sooo good once you finally get it down to a manageable level!

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    1. Thank you! It’s THE WORST. I’ve gotten into the somewhat-habit of going through my clothes every six months or so, and I find it’s hugely helpful for peace of mind. But I still end up with way too many clothes. I feel like I’m wasting things, you know? I did the haul-out on Saturday and am drafting a follow-up post now, but the gist is: I still have too much shit; how and why?! Ugh. 😛 x


  5. When I find a one-off, I make sure it’s a color I like, & fits into the color “family” that I wear. MOST IMPORTANT: it MUST FIT! Whenever I deviate from one of these: Disaster! Waste of money, waste of closet/shelf space until I finally donate it. Save yourself both a step & the cash. (p.s. I’m still learning this…)

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    1. I always *think* I’m adhering to those rules, but then the item only gets worn once… and by the time I discover it in my closet again, there’s something about it I don’t like. :/ Strange. I’m hoping to avoid that from now on.


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