Blogger Recognition Award!

I’m cryin’, y’all! I have been nominated for my first blogging award! The Blogger Recognition Award is, from what I’m gathering, an award bloggers give each other to recognize their hard work and dedication to their blogs. (So I’m obviously touched beyond belief to have been nominated!)

Thank you ever so much to Afiyah over at WhenLifeAwakens for nominating me for this award. It’s my first! Afiyah is a university student and lifestyle blogger who writes great pieces about student life, traveling, and her work on MyTrendingStories. Also, she has started a fab series called #BEABOSS, and I recommend it to everyone looking to be successful in their endeavors.

MY ADVICE: Blog about whatever you want. I know I’m still new around here, but this has been my biggest struggle. I keep finding such incredible blogs that stick to one topic (whether it be books, travel, beauty, cooking, etc.) and have a very clear thing. I’m not like that, and neither is my blog. And while I would love to have a massive, engaged community (which seems to come from having a set theme), my main reason for blogging is to share my life.

(I would also recommend that you read and comment on others’ blogs. “Liking” is fine, but real engagement comes from discussion. I am more likely to check out your blog if you actually take the time to chat with me.)

WHY I STARTED BLOGGING: I started blogging because I’ve always wanted to share my stories. Actually, I’ve had multiple blogs (first on Xanga, then LiveJournal, and then Tumblr), but they were all a jumbled mess of fandom things. I wasn’t creating any of my own content. I went by aliases. Adventures on Quiet Nights is, finally, my own. I have so far blogged about mental health, books, my relationship, traveling, and a rad necklace I bought. I have plans to blog about all of those subjects some more, as well as things like organization, toxic families, my autumn/winter capsule wardrobe, and so on.

WHY I KEEP BLOGGING: (This isn’t actually part of the award’s requirements, but it’s related, so here we go.) I keep blogging because I love it. Three weeks in, and I can’t believe I waited so long to get on WordPress! Blogging is interdisciplinary. It involves writing, photography, graphic design, social media and actually socializing, and organization — all of my favorite things. I may be late to the party, but the party isn’t ending anytime soon.


  • Tiara from Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together. — Tiara is so lovely! She’s friendly, helpful, and super supportive. She builds up other bloggers, and her content is hilarious and helpful!
  • Shaz from For the Love of Sass — Another lovely person, Shaz blogs about her life in a way that is honest and makes you want to get to know her. She recently wrote me an awesome letter full of blogging tips!
  • Charlee from When Life Glows — Y’all, Charlee is so great. She’s the most put-together, organized, and well-“spoken” new blogger that I’m following. She has been posting some A+ content about being a Girl Boss, preparing for the school year, and becoming a morning person.
  • Jade from Jade Marie — I love Jade so much. She’s open and honest about what she’s been through, as well as where she’s at now. She posts about beauty, mental health, fears, books, self love, etc. And her blog and photos are all gorgeous.
  • Kelly from Kelly Prince Writes — Kelly just posted an awesome post on not being a girl boss, and it’s a fab read (though she’s definitely still a girl boss in my book!). She has A+ content on her blog and social media, and she’s friendly to newbies.


  1. Start a new post!
  2. Tag me/my blog in it that way I can check it out.
  3. Write your best piece of advice for other bloggers.
  4. Tell us why you started blogging.
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers. (I, uh, didn’t follow this rule…)

Thank you so much for reading. And, again, thank you to Afiyah for the nomination! Happy Monday to me! You’ve made my week. โค

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12 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award!”

  1. This is awesome. I totally get what you mean about how put together and focused other blogs are. Mine compared to them is a chaotic mess. I am a ball of anxiety at times and chronic overthinker so my blog captures that perfectly or is it vice-verse. Congratulations on your award and Afiyah is a real MVP!!! Great post by the way.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m learning that blogs can be about anything, whatever you want, so a mixture of topics is totally fine! Thanks for the congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx


  2. Hey girlie! I think it’s fine to talk about multiple subjects if you aren’t primarily business minded about blogging. If it’s a personal blog, like yours is, you can still get good engagement. I know a few bloggers who do really well with their personal blogs. Mine is a bit scattered as well, though I’m narrowing it down slowly over time. Definitely do what makes you happy. โ˜บ Also, good advice on commenting. Welcome to the world of WordPress!

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    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I’m taking it all in stride for now, but I think I’ll end up concentrating on specific things further down the road. (Like book reviews. I think those are going to become a regular thing.) I love how motivating and personal your blog is. #goals โค

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    Peace & Love & No H8,

    Sent from my iPhone

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