Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!

Content Warning: loads of gushing about romance

Jonny and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on Thursday! Guys, five years of togetherness. I’m in the beyond — the happy beyond of warm feelings and heart eyes and loveliness.

Detroit 1.png

I spent the day at work (boo) and ended up having to stay a little late because things there were kind of crazy this past week. When I called Jonny to let him know, he was running late anyway. 🙂 Worked out.

Mexican Village.png

He picked me up from work and took me out downtown — first for Mexican food (my favorite!), then for sweets at Astoria Pastry Shop, and finally for drinks at Parc. We broke up all of the food and drinks by walking around downtown, holding hands, talking, and taking photos.

Mexican Village 2.png

The whole night felt light and easy. The weather was cold for August — high 60s (20°C ish) — but lovely for walking around the city. We weren’t in a rush to get anywhere by certain times, and we treated ourselves to things usually a bit out of our budget (Parc is fabulous but expensive, definitely a treat for a special occasion).

As we were wandering back to the car, we stopped to play with the big chess board near the riverfront. (Sidebar to note that I have a love/hate relationship with chess because it’s challenging, but I end up feeling stupid and impatient.) It was a lot of fun! It was spontaneous and nice to just do what we wanted, to block out the next day’s responsibilities.


I think Thursday night was one of the most (and only) relaxing nights I’ve had in a while. I usually have a hard time turning off my brain and just existing, but our evening was beautiful and perfect.

(Brief interruption because, as I’m writing this, my hero just came home with pizza and bread sticks! I’m blessed.)


It was our first anniversary together where I wasn’t counting down the days until one of us had to leave for home again. In our five years together, we’ve spent multiple anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays apart. This was our first anniversary together as a couple who doesn’t have to split up again. ❤


All in all, a great night with my favorite person. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Kaiya xx

P.S. I can’t even talk about the card he got me. The first sentence had me in tears. He always picks cards with minimal writing, and then writes his own incredibly sentimental things that move me to my core. I love him so much.

Tell me all about your favorite memory! Whether it was an anniversary, a birthday, a random night with strangers — anything. 🙂 x Relive that moment.

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