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Peace Talisman from Gypsy and The Hatter

This Peace Talisman from Gypsy and The Hatter is gorgeous! It is one of three available from the mother and son shop based in Ohio. The other two, Love and Growth, are not yet part of my collection. The Peace Talisman is meant to bring calmness and serenity with its lavender, amethyst, and silver leaf. Its four even sides represent the elements, the seasons, and the cardinal directions, bringing wholeness and balance.

IMG_7642editAnd the packaging! Isn’t it fun? The back of the card has a lovely, handwritten note from Rowan, Stacie’s son, thanking me for my purchase. I love the wax seal — I’ve heard that the duo has ordered a stamp with their logo, so they’ll soon be even more on-brand. IMG_7637editThe ordering process was quick, easy, and personable. I ordered by commenting on the post of the necklace I liked on Instagram, confirming details via DM, and then accepting a Paypal invoice. Stacie was lovely to work with and very friendly when I had questions. I look forward to buying from them again! (I need the whole collection, guys.)IMG_7639editTo order from Gypsy and The Hatter, or to learn more about Stacie and Rowan’s homeschooling journey, visit them on their Facebook or Instagram.

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